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Coccodrillo Ristorante

Travelling through gourmet flavours

A journey through gourmet flavours

A few steps from Markplatz, the Coccodrillo ristorante offers you a fun experience in the centre of Basel that will take you on a journey through gourmet flavours.

Between baroque and cosy atmosphere, you will be immersed in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A place where you can enjoy traditional cuisine

Coccodrillo Ristorante Vitrine Soupe Lampe
Every day from 5pm to 6pm :
Happy Hour

Aperol Spritz (2dl) 12 CHF 8 CHF

Bellini (1.2dl) 12 CHF 8 CHF

Nectar of peach, Prosecco

Mojito (2dl):

Klassischer Mojito 12 CHF 8 CHF

"Coccodrillo" Mojito 12 CHF 8 CHF

with fresh strawberries

"Coccodrillo" Königsmojito 12 CHF 8 CHF


Virgin Mojito 8 CHF 6 CHF

without alcohol, Shorley

Pink Flamingo 8 CHF 6 CHF

without alcohol, peach juice, grenadine